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Thin film sputtering deposition

Sputtering deposition service and sputtering targets

Martini Tech offers thin film deposition sputtering services for a large number of sputtered materials and with wafer sizes up to 8 inches (for some materials it is possible to sputter up to 12-inch wafers).
Martini Tech thin film deposition sputtering service is of high quality and usually performed quickly and at low cost: we currently have available five RF magnetron sputtering machines.
Particular services such as sputtering of SiO2 and sputtering of rare-earth materials are also available.
Martini Tech also offers you sputtering targets with more than 120 sputtered materials available and sputtering target bonding services.
Our sputter deposition technology has many advantages such as the availability of a wide range of different target materials, a high-speed sputter deposition process and a very uniform thin film.

For SiO2 sputtering services, please check here
For GaN MOCVD deposition services, please check here

Thin film deposition services
Thin film fabrication technology is used for wide range of applications in the semiconductor, photovoltaic and other markets and for creating anti-sticking layers for nanoimprint molds or other applications. Martini Tech has access to various deposition technologies such as sputter coating, evaporation, CVD among others to offer you contract thin film manufacturing services.
Using our experience in the field, we offer many different types of thin film fabrication processes and deposition services to meet our customers` requirements from small-scale to large-scale production.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Available sputtering targets
METAL SPUTTERING up to Φ3 up to Φ4 up to Φ8
Au Au Au Au
Al Al Al Al
Ag Ag Ag Ag
B B B -
Bi Bi - -
C C C -
Co Co Co Co
Cr Cr Cr Cr
Cu Cu Cu Cu
Fe Fe Fe Fe
Ge Ge Ge -
Hf Hf Hf -
In In In -
Ir Ir Ir -
Mg Mg Mg -
Mo Mo Mo Mo
Nb Nb Nb -
Ni Ni Ni Ni
Pb Pb - -
Pd Pd Pd -
Pt Pt Pt -
Rh Rh Rh -
Ru Ru Ru -
Si(N) Si(N) Si(N) -
Si(P) Si(P) Si(P) Si(P)
Si(Non-Doped) Si(Non-Doped) Si(Non-Doped) -
Sn Sn Sn -
Ta Ta Ta Ta
Ti Ti Ti Ti
V V V -
Zn Zn - -
Zr Zr Zr -
Size is referred to target

SILICIDE SPUTTERING up to Φ3 up to Φ4 up to Φ8
CoSi2 CoSi2 CoSi2 CoSi2
CrSi2 CrSi2 - -
MoSi2.5 MoSi2 MoSi2 -
NiSi2 NiSi2 NiSi2 -
TaSi2 TaSi2 TaSi2 -
TiSi2 TiSi2 TiSi2 TiSi2
WSi0.4 WSi0.4 - -
WSi2 WSi2 WSi2 WSi2
WSi2.5 WSi2.5 WSi2.5 -
ZrSi2 ZrSi2 ZrSi2 -
Size is referred to target
NITRIDE SPUTTERING up to Φ3 up to Φ4 up to Φ8
Cr2N Cr2N - -
Mo2N Mo2N Mo2N -
Si3N4 Si3N4 Si3N4 Si3N4
TiN TiN TiN -
ZrN ZrN ZrN -
Size is referred to target
ALLOY SPUTTERING up to Φ3 up to Φ4 up to Φ8
Al-Cu Al-Cu Al-Cu Al-Cu
Al-Nd Al-Nd Al-Nd -
Al-Sc Al-Sc Al-Sc -
Al-Si Al-Si Al-Si Al-Si
Al-Si-Cu Al-Si-Cu Al-Si-Cu Al-Si-Cu
Al-Ti Al-Ti Al-Ti -
Cu-Cr Cu-Cr - -
Cu-Cr Cu-Cr - -
Cu-Cr Cu-Cr - -
Cu-Ni Cu-Ni - -
Cu-Ni Cu-Ni Cu-Ni Cu-Ni
Co-Cr Co-Cr Co-Cr -
Co-Ni Co-Ni - -
Ni-Cr Ni-Cr Ni-Cr -
Ni-Cr-Si Ni-Cr-Si - -
Ni-Cr-Si Ni-Cr-Si - -
Ni-Fe Ni-Fe Ni-Fe -
Size is referred to target
OTHERS up to Φ3 up to Φ4 up to Φ8
Corning #1737 Corning #1737 Corning #1737 -
Sialon Sialon Sialon -
Sendust Sendust - -
Teflon Teflon - -
Pyrex Pyrex Pyrex -
BK7 BK7 BK7 -
CaF CaF - -
CaF2 CaF2 - -
MgF2 MgF2 - -
Size is referred to target