Hot embossing replica molding: anti reflective film using thermal and UV nanoimprint | Martini Tech

Hot embossing services

Hot embossing – UV nanoimprint lithography replica services

Martini Tech offers UV nanoimprint lithography and hot embossing replica services for replica molding and imprint on polymer films.
Replica molds are flexible substrates that can be imprinted at low cost and in large quantities.
Our technology is especially suitable for patterning of anti reflective films (also called anti reflection films).
For our replica molds, different polymers can be used:

  • PMMA
  • PET
  • COP
  • PDMS
  • among others

Martini Tech will help you find the right combination of polymer type and process solution for your imprint lithography and hot embossing replica needs.
Depending on the application, the right combination of polymer, pattern dimension and nanoimprinting conditions has to be selected.
Martini Tech has several UV and thermal nanoimprint lithography (hot embossing) machines available to offer you the most appropriate imprint replica service according to your needs.
In case of tight budget, the pattern to imprint can be chosen about our library of sample nanoimprint molds patterns.

Ni electroformed templates

If you prefer to receive a nickel mold instead of a polymer mold, it is possible to do electroforming on the polymer substrate.
Nickel electroformed substrates are more durable than standard silicon molds and can be used for thousands of imprint cycles.
Martini Tech offers nanoimprint master molds and nanoimprint templates in nickel and silicon at reasonable prices.

Purchase of a nanoimprint machine

If you need to purchase a nanoimprint lithography machine, please let us help you.
We can introduce you to our partner maker companies in Japan to find the solution most appropriate for your needs.
We have both UV and thermal nanoimprint (hot embossing) machines available with installation and training services done with the support of our maintenance service partners in Europe and in the US.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.