Production Achievements

The Company offers a product of various types . Body and porous according to the customer’s choice of the most suitable types for its intended body. That’s where we are providing support of our customers from the design prospective, it is made of tailor-made to meet the needs of our customers.

Chuck adsorption surface with flatness below 5µm allows a perfectly stable work platform. Depending on the body shape and other conditions, it is possible to create a porous surface with flatness under 3µm

The chuck is made up by a metal body matched with a porous substance


(usually, ceramics) which constitutes the base which supports the substrate. By applying a negative pressure behind the porous layer, it is possible to create a very stable platform that holds the substrate firmly. A vacuum pump placed behind the porous literally sucks the air through the pores creating a very uniform negative pressure.

Porous   material

The vacuum pump through the vacuum holes the kakema a negative pressure in the vacuum or ejector is negative pressure, and a groove carved into the body, upper surface the characteristics of the porous material have a porous Rib, the negative pressure or on average with respect to the workpiece becomes the hunt mechanism.

Panasonic, the suction surface Proud of the high accuracy of flatness 5µm or less Masu

With rich experience and sales results, we can help all our customers

At first, we define the customer inquiry in all its details. We go through all customer` s requests and attention points. Then, we fix the chuck specifications and we choose the chuck body shape according to customers` needs. Finally, we design, manufacture, check and deliver the chuck. We can offer our customers a total solution service. From the first interview with customer to after sales, we offer full support to our customers. According to customer needs we can also offer support for design and manufacturing of chuck components and accessories.

Proposals according to customer expectations and required applications

  • Shape
    • rounded
    • squared
    • cylindrical
    • special shape
  • Material of body
    • stainless
    • titan alloy
    • aluminium
    • ceramics


  • Size
    • rounded shape (f5mm~f500mm)
    • squared shape (?5mm~?350mm)
  • Body surface treatment
    • fluorine resin processing
    • anodized aluminium
    • anti-rust coating process
    • electroless nickel plating
  • Porous material
    • ceramics
    • conductive ceramics
    • conductive ceramics
    • porous hole diameter
  • Porous hole diameter
    • 3µm~580µm

We can offer the best combination of body and porous layer according to customer`s needs

By choosing the right combination of body (material, shape, working temperature) and porous material (specification, features), we can offer to our customers the porous chuck that most fit their needs. For the porous layer usually alumina ceramic is used, for special applications carbon, super-hard, conductive ceramic material can be used. For the body: SUS, aluminium, ceramic material, titanium and other materials can be used. The porous layer is polished down to a flatness of few µm, with the step between the body and the porous surface reduced to zero.
        Porous chuck fabrication workflow

We offer solutions in various markets: semiconductor, printing, fabrication among others

Porous chucks are indispensable parts of semiconductor world. Polishing, dicing, bonding and others are among the processes that require very thin wafers to be secured firmly to a piece of equipment. Recently, new applications in the thin-film solar panel, nanoimprint are entering the spotlight. Other applications include laser fabrication of metal and resin and printing.