Porous chucks

GaN on sapphire

Porous chucks

Please visit our page about porous vacuum chucks for more information.

Carbon porous chuck

New conductive carbon material with properties similar to glass!

  • Removal of electrical charge
    (the chuck can conduct current but does not get charged easily).
  • Can handle materials that get damaged or scratched easily
    (this is one of the peculiarities of our glass-like carbon material)
  • Possible to be used for measurement or visual analysis with materials
    which are subject to halation
  • Can be used in applications involving probe testers, etc.
  • No dust emissions as the chuck material is completely glass-like carbon
  • Electric conductivity (specific resistance: 2.4×10-2)
  • Resistant to heat and to corrosion, especially corrosion from gases and liquids)
  • No color stain like in case of graphite
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Semiconductor inspection equipment, measurement equipment, visual inspection equipment, wafer patterning equipment (E-beam), optical microscopy
  • FPD manufacturing equipment

Porous surface features specifications

Surface comprises carbon particle sizes with diameter of 100µm,200µm and 400µm.

Bulk density [Mg/m3] 0.98
Porosity [%] 45.9
Bending modulus [GPa] 8.8
Bending strength [MPa] 30
Resistivity [Ω · cm] 2.4×10-2
Shore hardness [HS] 42
Ash content [ppm] 77
Thermal conductivity [W/m.K]1.00

Hot vacuum chuck

Allows to heat or cool the substrate while under vacuum suction!

  • The surface can be heated up to 250 ℃
  • Possible to heat or cool the same substrate
  • Heating possible while under vacuum suction
  • Endures several cycles of heating and cooling
  • Simple design that allows the substrate to be attached easily and seamlessly
  • Can be used in combination with 6, 8 and 12-inch round substrates and □ 150, □ 200, □ 250 squared substrates
  • Electrical conductivity test while heated
  • Semiconductor manufacturing process test under vacuum
  • Wafer-level bonding
  • Wafer getting bonded through thermo-setting

Heating and cooling experimental results

With temperature-fixed heating or cooling cycles, it is possible to have full substrate vacuum adsorption.

It is possible to see that the temperature rises within the wafer and on the edge of the wafer in an uniform way and according to the cycle set by the operator

Similarly as during the heating cycle, during the cooling cycle it is possible to see that the temperature decreases uniformly within the wafer and at the edge.

Self-absorption chuck

All-in-one porous chuck with pump and battery embedded in the structure. Reaching low cost through integrated functionality! When using alkaline AA battery four, time is about 7 hours. Working time may vary depending on conditions.

  • Can be used without external pump or battery
  • This innovative design saves space
  • Easy to carry
  • Compact and wireless design
  • LED display functionality included
  • Can be adapted to substrates of different sizes and shapes
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
    Semiconductor inspection equipment, measurement equipment, visual inspection equipment, wafer patterning equipment (E-beam), optical microscopy, FPD manufacturing equipment
  • Possible to work in laboratories with no vacuum facilities
  • Wafer vacuum suction

Example of carry-by-hand


Surface light-emitting porous chuck

The contour of the work area emerges clear!

  • Substrate-holding chuck with backlight features
  • Possible to have the working area changed according to application
  • Illumination uniformly distributed all over the surface. No light and dark variations.
  • Amount of light can be set up to 10,000 lx
  • Power and vacuum pump, so all-in-one Compact and wireless
  • Reject the work is easily blown up mode
  • LED lamp display function
  • Compatible with various size, shape, and color variations
  • Image analyzer, drawing equipment, measurement equipment, Installation and inspection of the equipment, the existing table Displacement from
  • Such as in laboratory without vacuum generation equipment Vacuum suction of work
  • Vacuum suction of the wafer

Inspection method comparison

Traditional inspection method vs. inspection method by PC