Martini Tech


NIL lithography sample molds

Martini Tech offers sample molds in fixed shapes and materials for NIL lithography applications in the bio, consumer electronics, automotive and other markets at reasonable prices and available with short lead-time.We offer nanoimprint molds that can be used in combination with both thermal nanoimprint (hot embossing) and UV nanoimprint lithography machines.NIL lithography sample molds offer the better quality/price ratio to the user who needs to test a process before buying a custom mold.Typical applications of our NIL lithography sample molds are: LED patterning, patterning of anti-reflection films, bio and medical applications such as cell culture, other surface patterning applications. … Continue reading […]

Nanoimprint lithography custom molds

Martini Tech offers custom nanoimprint lithography (NIL) mold fabrication service to users who have specific pattern design and mold material needs.Examples of nanoimprint lithography mold fabrication results can be seen below.We offer a wide range of mold patterns including: microlens array, photonic crystal, metal wiring, honeycomb, moth eye and other patterns.Micro lens array patterns come in multiple dimensions and shapes and can be customized according to customer request.Photonic crystal patterns are also available: photonic crystals can also be dimensionally defined as from customer needs. … Continue reading […]

MEMS design and development

Martini Tech offers MEMS design and development services in collaboration with a leader Japanese MEMS company.We currently have experience in manufacturing of the following kinds of MEMS: printer heads, pressure sensors, other MEMS sensor devices, MEMS accelerometer devices, MEMS gyroscope devices, optical scanners, cantilevers, digital mirror devices, HDD heads, DNA chips, optical switches, lasers and modulators among others. … Continue reading […]

MEMS foundry services

Martini Tech, in collaboration with Japanese companies, offers several MEMS foundry services such as: annealing, doping, thin-film deposition, dry etching, photolithography, wet process, inspection and measurement.Martini Tech offers not only MEMS fabrication process support, but also MEMS design and development support. … Continue reading […]

Sputtering deposition service and sputtering targets

Martini Tech offers thin film deposition sputtering services for a large number of sputtered materials and with wafer sizes up to 8 inches (for some materials it is possible to sputter up to 12-inch wafers).Martini Tech thin film deposition sputtering service is of high quality and usually performed quickly and at low cost: we currently have available five RF magnetron sputtering machines.Particular services such as sputtering of SiO2 and sputtering of rare-earth materials are also available.Martini Tech also offers you sputtering targets with more than 120 sputtered materials available and sputtering target bonding services.Our sputter deposition technology has many advantages such as the availability of a wide range of different target materials, a high-speed sputter deposition process and a very uniform thin film. … Continue reading […]