Honeywell starts to sell new CuMn sputtering targets for sputtering machines


US maker Honeywell has formally announced today that it will start to sell a new kind of copper manganese sputtering targets for sputtering equipment. The main application of the targets will likely be semiconductor manufacturing.

Director of Honeywell department for sputtering target development Chris LaPietra has stated that the new targets were developed using the company proprietary Equal Channel Angular Extrusion technology, originally developed for other materials such as aluminium and now used for the new CuMn alloy.

The benefits of the new technology are very few impurities, extremely small grain size (in the order of less than 100μm), improved strength among others.

The small grain size is particularly important as it contributes to solve the issue of plasma drop out that causes the deposition of defective thin-film on wafers and therefore decreases yield and increases the process costs. The new sputtering target manufacturing technology allows to increase the target life expectancy by 100%, effectively doubling it, and therefore reducing sensibly the cost of ownership of the whole system

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